B.K. Burgess Inc

Our History

Growing up in the hardscrabble fishing community of Stonington Maine, Brian Burgess quickly discovered that there are only two ways to make a living on Maine's second largest island: commercial fishing and construction.  Brian pursued both professions until he settled on one  in 1990 and established the custom home-building company B. K. Burgess Inc.  For 25 yrs. we have grown our company and have served the whole Blue Hill Peninsula.  We are very proud of our work.  We take great pride in each and every project.  We are dedicated to not only building solid structures, but strong relationships as well.  Have a look around get to know us and take a look at some of our work in the "Galleries". You will see that over the years, B. K. Burgess inc. have completed a wide range of building projects.  Then lets set up a date to meet and get to know you and make your project needs become reality!  We look forward to getting to know you.



We want to make your dream become reality!



561 N. Deer Isle Road,Deer Isle, ME 04627